Wars spring from unseen and generally insignificant causes, the first outbreak being often but an explosion of anger.


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Bret on URAL Russian military motorcycle (he’s the one on the right) the dog’s name was withheld at his request.

I’d like to thank those who have sent cards and emails of support  as we deal with the passing of Harrison. As a dog he was not the smartest working animal I’ve dealt with, but as a family member he was one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever known. After almost 14 1/2 years of Harri’s companionship he will be missed. BR


                                      February 2015





CRYING TOWEL, PLEASE! Islam: Creed of Crybabies and Cowards

Written by Pete Parker on November 3, 2014

Boko Haram Torch 185 Churches in Captured Towns of Borno and Adamawa


It’s Time to Take the Islamic State Seriously

Rev. James V. Schall, S.J.

It’s October 2014. AWSG knew this information in February of 2011. Why did the President of the United States of America not know this?


CAIR attempts to censor truth about Islam in Knoxville, Tennessee    


Saudi king orders steps against ‘terrorist threats’


RIYADH — King Abdullah ordered all necessary measures to protect Saudi Arabia against potential “terrorist threats” after chairing a security meeting to discuss the fall-out from Iraq, the state news agency SPA said on Thursday.





ALERT: Muslim Brotherhood Launches a US Political Party

The Looming Threat of Al Qaeda’s Ties in Latin America


Remember Obama Mocking Romney Over Russia Concerns? ‘The 1980s Are Now Calling to Ask for Their Foreign Policy Back’

the Devil’s Work  is Never Done

This book is still in progress but many friends have asked me to publish a small sample on this website. By clicking on the book cover you will be able to read the two shortest chapters of my book.


The Simple Wisdom of Arab Dictators

The sad fact is that the ruthless Assad dictatorship has a better record than the United States or its Sunni allies of protecting religious minorities in the Middle East.

Taqiyya Trials in Europe

The issue of taqiyya – the religious permission, indeed virtue, of Muslim deception to infidels for the good of Islam – is such a uniquely crucial aspect of the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims, especially, like in the West, when the former are a minority and the latter a majority, that there have been at least a couple of trials in Europe revolving around it, one recent and the other current.

Benghazi massacre: Obama minions continue to withhold vital emails


Afghan women leave the country in fear of Taliban return

A brain drain of bright young women is already taking place in Afghanistan before the 2014 handover that many fear will mean a reversal of advances in women’s rights.The lack of commitment by the Afghan government to equality and to tackling the high rates of ill-treatment of women in the home and in the workplace is raising real fears they will be at the bottom of the political agenda in the push for power after Nato forces leave the country.

Afghanistan gains will be lost quickly after drawdown, U.S. intelligence estimate warns

Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit


A Deadly Mix in Benghazi