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RAP4 Force on Force Training

Yes, I am an old fart and my views of training are old school. Yes, folks who have known me for a long time have heard me refer to airsoft and paintball guns as “toys” for armed masturbators. Please feel free to enjoy seeing an old man eat his share of crow.

RAP4 has the best in training equipment and the best training personnel in the force on force paintball business.

RAP4’s very well thought out Operation End War scenario is as realistic as one can get without escalating to live fire. End War weapons are all magazine fed. There are no hoppers depending upon gravity feeding or spewing 200 rounds without a reload. If you are serious about getting the best force on force training and training equipment go to RAP4. Anything else will disappoint you.

R.A.P. AIR™ courses incorporates the S.E.T.S ™  system as part of our instructor and end-user courses. Unlike some of the other training systems, the Real Action Paintball Inc. and Air Soft products are very easy to use and do not require the changing of any duty weapon parts prior to training. The cost effectiveness blends in well with helping agencies maintain an efficient budget with this system.

The safety factor is a major plus with these systems given the fact that you can be training with the R.A.P. AIR™  program and if a situation arises, you can simply secure the weapon training systems and immediately grab your true weapons without having to change a thing. This will make for a safer and easier training environment.

The versatility of these systems helps us to develop not just law enforcement trainers but also well-trained military operators, executive protection agents and security specialists. Firearm ranges are hard to come by, and having these systems in place will help the “tactical intelligence” increase in each and every potential instructor and end-user.

RAP4 Trainer


Chameleon Associates Training

Chameleon Associates

AWSG appreciates its long standing relationship with the high quality folks of Chameleon Associates.

As an independent security consultant to a brand name bio-tech company, I first used Chameleon Associates’ “Demystifying Terrorism” CD-ROM as a training aid for their office and laboratory personnel.

The message “sank-in” on the first take.  Results were immediate and positive. The client’s problems with a locally based radical group dropped to zero thanks to employee awareness and in-house security response.    BR

Executive Seminar

February 19 – February 26, 2011

Chameleon Associates is pleased to present a one-of-a-kind security seminar to law enforcement, military and security professionals from around the world.

This seminar provides attendees with an inside look into the security operations of some of Israel’s most secured facilities and protected environments. Attendees will meet with top Israeli security and law enforcement officials and will learn first hand how Israel developed and maintains some of the world’s best counter-terrorism and security systems.

Some of the facilities and locations visited in the seminar include mass-transit hubs, airports, seaports, border crossings, government facilities, critical infrastructures, shopping malls, corporate facilities and more.

The seminar is restricted to 30 people

Reference Guide

Buy NowThis Reference Guide is designed to assist security professionals map and articulate threats against their protected environments. The Reference Guide demonstrates processes and formulas necessary for the design of a threat oriented and proactive security framework. Readers will learn how to define and articulate security objectives and how to accomplish those with minimal resources and with maximum results.

Profiling Course

Predictive Profiling Online Course

Predictive Profiling is a one-of-a-kind online course that teaches how to detect suspicious individuals and situations. This course aims to challenge students to think outside the box and from the adversary’s point of view. It provides a step-by-step process for conducting a threat assessment of a situation, a person, an object or a behavior in the context of the criminal or terrorist method of operation. Learning is enhanced with video simulations and interactive exercises.

Demystifying Terrorism Course

Chameleon Associates offers this unique CD-ROM course to organizations and individuals who want to equip themselves with simple and effective methods of terrorist threat mitigation. This is the only course of its kind offered today!

•Increase your awareness of terrorist methods of operations.
•Learn how to proactively mitigate the threat of terrorism
•Enhance your security and deterrence capabilities
•Train your employees to detect and respond to suspicious activities

$19.95 per CD

Chameleon Associates:
AWSG has a long-standing relationship with Chameleon through Bret Rivers. They offer far too many programs for us to list here.

Please visit their website at: By logging in as affiliate 106 you can view their entire updated course list.

Chameleon Associates