Elk River Training Center

AWSG has an excellent relationship with the  Elk River Training Center and its director of operations and training    John Pompi.

Together with their partners Threat Management Services John and his crew offer their clients so much more than I can tell you here. Please do not be satisfied with the nice photographs that you see on this page. Click on the link below and check out their website.

Elk River Training Center


I have been a guest of Elk River and I have had the opportunity to use their training facilities.

Their instructors and their training standards are top quality. Whatever your training needs may be ERTC will meet or exceed your expectations. BR















AWSG Training Cadre will be based at Elk River for all of our training in the South East. We are very happy to have a home at ERTC for our training in that part of the country. We love their facilities and we know that you will too.  BR

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