Terrorist Alert Poster


 I developed this poster as a part of an anti-kidnapping program that a client needed about twenty years ago. The client had medical testing laboratories in South America, Africa, and southern Asia. Kidnapping for ransom was an active cottage industry by criminal gangs in all of those regions at the time.

I plagiarized the idea for this poster from similar posters that I had seen in British military barracks in Northern Ireland. It was a very effective daily reminder of basic security measures that worked. The client was happy with the results.

Considering the threat of terrorism that we face in the United States security measures that were suitable for living in third world countries two decades ago can now be applied to life for us today.

Due to packaging and shipping costs the most economical way for me to bring these posters to those of you who want them is to offer three posters for $12.00. These 11″ X 17″ posters are printed on heavy stock acid free paper suitable for framing, laminating, or just posting on their own.