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Dear AWSG Reader

At the request of friends I have chosen a couple of chapters from my book for publication on the AWSG website.

the Devil’s Work is Never Done is a novel. Its principle character is named Bret Rivers. Although some stories are based on my actual experiences, others are pure fiction and yet others are fiction based on events that took place during the chosen time period. The Bret Rivers in my book is one heck of a guy but he has his flaws. I have used him to communicate some of my thoughts on world events, human nature, man’s relationship with God, and a man’s responsibilities to his family.

When I first set my efforts toward writing this book I wanted to protect the identities of my wife and daughter. Since this was a work of fiction I gave the character Bret a wife named Loral and his daughter’s name is Hanna. In this age of FacePlace and LookBook and other social networking websites no one  has any privacy and any terror group that wants to track down my wife and daughter will have no problem doing so.

Loral is 6’3″ tall while Bret is 5’11”.  My Polish red-headed wife is not taller than I, but she towers over me with her inner strengths. I am amazed and in love with the strengths of the real American women whom I have met during my life. The character Loral reflects a lot of those strengths and I was surprised at how she grew during the writing of her story.

I hope that you will enjoy what I have to offer here. At 90,000 + words the unfinished manuscript is still being wrestled into some form for publication. I will keep you informed.

the real Bret Rivers

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